Hidden Paradise in Toronto’s Alley: A Unique Instagrammable Wall

Toronto is known for its vibrant street art, and one particular mural called “THIS IS PARADISE” has captivated countless tourists and photography enthusiasts. Located in an alley in downtown Toronto, this colorful Instagrammable wall offers a delightful surprise.


“THIS IS PARADISE” is a graffiti wall created by a renowned local street artist, expressing love and longing for the city of Toronto. The vibrant colors, text, and patterns on the wall exude energy and bring a refreshing vibe to this bustling urban landscape.

The Birth of Paradise

The creation of this mural wall stems from the passion and yearning of street artists for the city and life itself. Through their creativity and talent, an ordinary wall has transformed into a remarkable piece of art, attracting an increasing number of visitors eager to witness its beauty.

How to Capture Paradise

Make the Model Stand Out Against the Graffiti

When photographing the mural, you can dress the model in clothing that contrasts with the colors of the wall, making them stand out more in the photos.

Eye-Catching Poses

Experiment with different angles and poses, such as having the model jump, crouch, or pose sideways to showcase various visual effects.

Flip It Upside Down

Try shooting the wall with the camera inverted or flip the photo in post-processing to create a unique visual impact.

After the Rain

The colors of the mural appear even more vibrant after rain, and the reflections on the ground add an extra dimension to the photos. Visiting this spot after rainfall can lead to unexpected and stunning effects.

Nearby Attractions Around Paradise

University of Toronto

The University of Toronto, not far from “THIS IS PARADISE,” features beautiful campuses and classical architecture, making it a popular spot for visitors to explore.

Royal Ontario Museum

The Royal Ontario Museum is one of Canada’s largest museums, housing a vast collection of precious artifacts and artworks from around the world. The museum building itself is a modern architectural masterpiece, adding a striking element to Toronto’s cityscape. While visiting the museum, you can also spend a delightful afternoon in the nearby parks and shopping districts.

“THIS IS PARADISE” mural is a must-visit Instagrammable spot in Toronto. Here, you can unleash your creativity and capture unique moments that are truly your own. Additionally, the nearby attractions like the University of Toronto and Royal Ontario Museum add even more enjoyment to your Toronto experience. When planning your trip to Toronto, consider including these locations in your itinerary to create unforgettable memories.

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