Happy Columbus Day 2019 Messages, Wishes, HD Images, Wallpapers

Happy Columbus Day 2019 Messages, Wishes, HD Images, Wallpapers, Pictures Social Media, Facebook, Twitter. The Monday 8th October is a holiday in the many States of America. That is because on that day in 1492 the famous sailor Christopher Columbus discovered America. So, the people of many states of the USA celebrate the day with many festive activities to give tribute. However, you guys can celebrate the day by sharing the happy columbus day 2019 best messages from the below article.

Happy Columbus Day 2019 Messages

Happy Columbus Day 2019 Messages

Happy Columbus Day 2019 Messages | Weekend Gateways

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The Columbus Day is a holiday in the United States that is celebrated by many people. The celebration is on Monday, October 14. On that day, people give tribute to the famous sailor Christopher Columbus who has discovered America in 1492. The day begins with a parade, and people arrange feasts on that day and celebrate it with their family and friends. Now, on that day, you guys can arrange a gateway trip to various places. The Poconos, PA would be a great place for a celebration. Its great attractions are its mountains, and it seems more beautiful in October.

On the other hand, the Plymouth, MA is the best site to celebrate the Columbus Day that is because it is the first site that the Pilgrims had landed. In here, you will be able to enjoy and explore the coastal town. However, it would be an excellent experience. Moreover, you must check out the below beautiful Columbus Day messages.

  • Whose indomitable spirit changed the face of the earth for us?
  • If aliens visit us, the outcome would be much as when Columbus landed in America, which didn’t turn out well for the Native Americans.
  • Gold is a treasure, and he who possesses it does all he wishes to in this world and succeeds in helping souls into paradise.

Happy Columbus Day 2019 Celebration  Messages

The people of the USA do various activities to celebrate the Columbus Day. But, you guys can try the ideas as follows. As I was saying, you guys can organize an art fest. You can take your friends and family members to an art gallery, exhibitions, and other places. On the other hand, you can also go to a concert and listen to music you like that could be pop. Jazz, rock, or it can be classical music too. But, don’t forget to share the below Columbus Day messages with your pals.

  1. Columbus did not seek a new route
    to the Indies in response to a majority directive.
  2. If America had been discovered as many times as I have,
    no one would remember Columbus.

Happy Columbus Day 2019 Parade

The people of United States celebrate the Columbus Day with Parade. All the people dress up and go to parade on that day. Now, the parade is sponsored by the Joint Civic Committee of Italian Americans. This year the parade will start on Monday 8th October, and it will be the 65th Anniversary. So, if you want to celebrate the day, then you should go to the parade. In the meantime, check out the below Columbus Day messages.

  • What a pity, when Christopher Columbus discovered America, that he ever mentioned it.
  • He gave the world another world.

Lastly, I hope you guys have loved to above Columbus Day messages of 2018. Those messages will help you to celebrate the day. You only need to share them with your friends. You can also share those on social media to give tribute to Christopher Columbus for his discovery of America.