Happy Columbus Day Poems 2019, Wishes, Messages, Images

Happy Columbus Day Poems 2019, Wishes, Messages, Images, Wallpapers, Pictures. Are looking for some lovely and beautiful Columbus Day poem to share with your friends to celebrate the day and give tribute to Christopher Columbus? Then you should get those poems from below article. Now, the Columbus Day is a holiday in honor of a famous sailor who discovered America in 1492.

Happy Columbus Day Poems 2019

Happy Columbus Day Poems 2019

Happy Columbus Day Poems 2019

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The Columbus Day is a festival and a public holiday in many states in America. Now, the people of US celebrate the day in honor of Christopher Columbus who landed in America in 1492 for the first time and discovered America. So, to give tribute and respect to many states and people of the USA celebrates the Columbus Day on Monday 14th October. This day is celebrated with various festive activities. At the same time, many people take the day off on this holiday and celebrate the day by joining the parade, go for an outing, and much more with their buddies. However, you guys can wish your friends and family members with the below Happy Columbus Day 2019 Best poems.

  • History is a record

Of past events

It is not propaganda

Tool for political



  • Columbus, ignoring advice,

Went out searching for Indian spice

His signals got crossed

And soon he was lost

Which for us, turned out better than nice

So this holiday everyone hails

One who, at his intended goal, fails?

But because of his goof

We’re indebted – as proof,

All the stores have Columbus Day sales!

  • We pour all our wastes…

River drinks it silently…

Giving back through fish

Happy Columbus Day 2019 Bank Holiday with Poems

The Columbus Day is a public holiday in many states of America. In addition to that, it is also a bank holiday in some states that recognize the Columbus Day. Now, the bank holiday is the days when banks remain closed. On the Columbus Day occasion, many bank offices will be closed, for example, Bank of America and US Bank. On the other hand, some banks are going to be open like Wells Fargo. But, if you get the day off, then enjoy the holiday with the below poem.

  1. A harbor in a sunny, southern city;
    Ships at their anchor, riding in the lee;
    A little lad, with steadfast eyes, and dreamy,
    Who ever watched the waters lovingly.

Happy Columbus Day 2019 Federal Holiday

Yes, the Columbus Day is a federal holiday, and it is one of the ten federal holidays in the United States. However, the federal holiday is established by the federal government. On this occasion, all the non-essential federal government offices remain off. In addition to that, all the federal employees get paid on that day even if they get the day off. Now, enjoy the day off and share the below Columbus Day poem.

  • Appreciative

Six o`clock

In the morning

Is the best time

To get up when it is summer

Stay on the terrace

Inhale the air

Before it gets hot

Make a coffee

Just being alive

Elderliness is to be grateful

For little things


Poems can express love and happiness better, and it can increase any celebration. That’s why on this Columbus Day, you guys must celebrate the day with poems, and the above beautiful lyrics will help you to enjoy the day with all your friends and family members. So, get those poems.